Williams of Pilstone farm Whitebrook (General)

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ª 1871 Pilstone Farm Whitebrook

Thank you for your replies. The Pilstone Williams family is the right one and I have traced them back quite a way into their Welsh origins. It is that "grey" area just beyond living memory that interests me at present. I only have family stories with little corroboration.

Mattie is Martha Jane Williams nee Rosser, bapt Lydney 21 Oct 1860. She seems to be Martha on most official records (the exception being the 1891 census where she is listed as Mattie). She married Henry John Williams at St Johns Parish Church in Coleford on 25th January, 1887. She was the daughter of James Rosser who went to N Zealand (her sister is listed as born in NZ) but James and his family returned home when he inherited a share in a coal mine at Broadwell near Coleford.

Your notes about Martha studying out of county are interesting and I will do some spadework around that. How did you find that info?

The Crown Inn is now the only Pub open in Coalway. It did cross my mind that he may have had a butchers there but I have no proof. There used to be a field at the back of it where Sheep sales were held, I think the notices that were put out at the entrance gate read something like the Williams memorial sheep sale. Then houses were built on the field only a few years ago.

The Teagues you mentioned as boarders at Henry John's home in Edenwall:- he was also a butcher and is listed in Kellys as such in Coalway Lane End. It is interesting to note that the land adjoining the cottage (now a golf course) was owned by a Teague family at that time.

Slowhands, You know an awful lot about the Forest and where to look things up, and I for one, am very grateful to you.

I think my next step will have to be to the library for old books and the
newspaper archives. Then I can move on to look for Annie, William and Fred.

Many thanks

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