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by admin ⌂, Forest of Dean, Thursday, March 10, 2005, 11:13 (5738 days ago) @ Sarah Morgan

» P.S Do you know of anyone who researches family trees for a hobbie..I mean
» someone who knows what they are doing ( unlike me ) and who might like to
» take on a project? Thanks again!!!


We all started out in our genealogical quest not knowing anything about the subject. Over a period of time however by asking a few questions and reading we found a few ways of going about it.

I think you will find it very hard to find a hobbyist who would be willing to take on the project of researching your family tree. Though you will find many many people who are willing to assist you and put you in the right direction and even provide data if they have it on hand.

One of the great things about genealogy is when after a number of years of searching you eventually make a break through on finding one of your elusive ancestors. This gives you a great felling of satisfaction, knowing that all your hard work has eventually paid off, I doubt if you would have the same feeling if someone had done all that work for you.

If you need a few starting points have a look at a new posting I just made on the Message Board titled Getting Started in Genealogy.

Good Hunting
Dave Watkins

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