Henry Edwin STEPHENS and wife Emma MORGAN Cinderford (General)

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Dear Hayste,
Thank-you for the link. I don't know how far you have gone with your family tree but I am missing a few other links I wonder if you could help? It's concerning Amos Morgan who is Eliza and William's 4th son b. 1847/8 d.1922 m.Emma . I have traced what happened to 2 of his children but cannot find what happened to Arthur w morgan b. 1880 Elizabeth e b. 1882 and Nellie v.b 1885.
You may not have gone down the Morgan line that far. I cannot believe my grandfather Leonard who lived to 93 b. 1905 did not know more of his relations in Ince as he only lived 2 miles away in Hindley.Do you know if all the Stephens line stayed in Wigan or did they go back to Cinderford eventually?
If you have not been it is worth a visit to Cinderford to see the graves and see Williams handy work!The baptist chapel he built is fantastic. If you google Cinderford Baptist church you will find an article written in 1910 and it mentions William building it and his son Amos nearly dying after falling off it.
Amos and Leonard (Sons of William and Eliza's) houses are still standing in St Annal's road.
I have most( except Amos) of the information on all William and Eliza's children up to the 1911 census so if you need any gaps filling just let me know.

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