Wintles of Mitcheldean 1800s and before (General)

by julien @, Monday, November 22, 2010, 14:31 (3655 days ago) @ Kimbad

Hi Amanda

Just reread the whole thread - started by yourself more than five years ago! I have tried and failed to find a link between the Wintles of Cowley's Elm Farm at Rodley and the Wintles of the Mitcheldean brewery. Also the Newnham Wintle family of Solicitors and Churchmen. Perhaps the link goes back much further as I'm sure we should have a common ancestor somewhere. With the help of this site and the Parish register transcriptions, and various other contacts, I have traced my line with reasonable certainty back as far as Thomas Wintell who died in 1572, but there was some intermarriage with other branches, such as the Wintles of Elton. All good stuff and it keeps us interested!


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