Edwin Taylor WILLIAMS 1869 -1915 Llandogo (General)

by lorraine, Friday, November 26, 2010, 18:11 (3985 days ago) @ slowhands

Dear Slowhands

Thank you so much for taking the trouble to research so much info, there`s no way I`d have found all this out.

I`ve taken time to reply because my brain`s been a-boggle working out the possible connections thrown up by these facts.
I conclude that Edwin Taylor Williams`s (my great grandfather) mother Mary Ann died either giving birth to him or in the subsequent months of 1869. In the 1871 census Edwin Taylor (now aged 2) is not listed as living with his father John Williams 50 widower and his 4 other children. Edwin Taylor next appears on the census for 1881 now aged 12 and living with his maternal aunt Elizabeth Taylor nee Hopkins aged 58.

Then when he is 22 in the 1891 census still living with his aunt, 68, and her brother, his uncle Thomas Hopkins ,60. Do you think he was unofficially adopted by his aunt Elizabeth and her husband Mr Taylor on the death of his mother ?

This would tie in with his unusual middle name, Taylor. Maybe the Taylors were well-off and Edwin inherited from them on their death, because family legend always had it that Edwin was wealthier than the other Williams.

At 24 he married Lydia Mary Payne 37 , considerably older than him, I wonder if this was tied in with losing his mother so young ? Although I must add that his 2nd wife Mabel Tamplin my great grandmother was only 16 or 17 at time of marriage.

Could you advise me how to find out any more information i.e. marriage and death certificates of Elizabeth Taylor nee Hopkins ? How would I go about finding any Marriage or family photos ?
The only relevant one my family had was of Edwin as part of the Llandogo cricket team circa 1900s. He was a church warden at Llandogo church as well.

Thanks & Best Wishes

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