Mabel Isabella TAMPLIN 1890 Trelleck (General)

by lorraine, Monday, November 29, 2010, 18:35 (3976 days ago) @ slowhands

Dear Slowhands,

Thank you for all the further info. I`ve been pouring over it and I think i`m starting to get a picture !
Looks like my great grandfather`s (Edwin Taylor Williams ) mother died giving birth to him ( aged 44 and her 9th child ), he was then handed over to Elizabeth Taylor (!!) her 48 yr old sister and her husband , William Taylor, ( publican of the Sloop or the Ship ,Llandogo ). Was it an official adoption ? Were the Taylors childless ?
I think my great grandfather maybe felt some rejection from all this, because nobody in the family knew about his mother`s death at childbirth nor that he was adopted.

I think he still stayed close to some of his family, my nan mentioned her aunts Milbro and Mary ( she and her elder sister were named after ) also her uncle Victor. The one Edwin seemed to have been closest to was his nephew Victor, the one that you revealed married Eva Hodges, whose parents ran the grocery shop in Llandogo. This Victor is listed as present on both the death certificates of Edwin and his first wife Lydia Mary. Victor williams address is given as the Rosery (?) and the Sloop Llandogo. Edwin`s first marriage was childless and it looks like his nephew victor, who was edwin`s eldest brother Albert`s son, acted as a surrogate son.
Unfortunately I never met Victor ,if he died in 1951, it was before my time. I do remember a very nice couple at the Llandogo grocery shop in the 1960s but don`t know if they were Williams or Hodges.

The addresses you gave me all make sense, the lion pub which was next to Inglewood house, llandogo. This is the house my gran was born in.The Cabin was not the one in the Narth, if I remember rightly, next to Inglewood house there was a narrow footpath that ran up the side of the garden, at the top of this was the Cabin, which Edwin or one of the Williams had built for his second wife Mabel and their ever increasing family. I think he sold Inglewood circa 1912 ( hard times ?)
I`d love to know where Edwin lived with the Taylors and when he acquired Inglewood. I`d love to see inside Inglewood, though I expect it`s much changed now.

The Mabel Isabella Tamplin you mentioned I don`t think is my great grandmother because she died in 1945 and lived in Monmouth, she was in her early 40s. Strangely I`m pretty sure that Her maiden name was Tamplin, could there have been two ?

Once again thank you so much for all this fascinating info which has enabled me to find out so much about my family.

Best Wishes

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