Mabel Isabella WILLIAMS nee TAMPLIN 1890 -1945 Trelleck (General)

by lorraine, Tuesday, November 30, 2010, 18:31 (3980 days ago) @ slowhands

Hello Slowhands,

Spot on ! This is the Mabel who was my great grand mother,going by the dates you gave me it ties in with family legend that she was 17 when she married Edwin Taylor Williams. She had been the maid for both him and his first wife.......

Yes, Alexander Barret was Mabel williams second husband and thereby hangs a sad story. Barret had been in the First World War and as an aftermath suffered from what in those days was called shell-shock. I had no idea that he and Mabel had married so early on- 1918 , this would mean that my gran would have known her stepfather Barret for longer than she knew Edwin her father, but no one ever talked about him, he just seemed to have faded away. It was not until recent years that I heard that the poor man had been sent to a mental home. I was told that he had died around 1945 the same time as Mabel ) so it is a shock to discover that it was in fact 1968. How can I find out what actually happened to him ? Did he go to a mental asylum ? If so how old was he when admitted ? Did he die in there ? He and Mabel had a daughter around 1925, so he went presumably after that ?

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