George Henry VASEY born about 1857 (General)

by graham vasey @, Monday, July 25, 2011, 16:08 (3514 days ago)

Dear Sir,
My great grandfather was born in the Forrest of Dean, about 1857. He worked as a coalminer and moved to the mines in Pemberton, Wigan about 1875. In Pemberton he met and married my great grandmother Lona Whitton in 1879 and about 1882 they moved to Hemsworth in Yorkshire, where in 1938 he died and is buried (with great grandmother) in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. I found that my surname, Vasey, is spelt differently, example; Vassey, Vaser, Vaisey, Voisey to name a few! Also, I found that on some census he only uses his first name and not his middle one (Henry)?
I have a copy of his marriage certificate on which he states that his father's name was Frederick and occupation butcher.
I haven't been able to confirm exactly where in the Forrest of Dean he lived and who his parents were. Would be very appreciative of any help that you can offer.

Graham Vasey.

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