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I forgot to add to my original posting that William James Cowmeadow & Ada Chaarlotte Yemm's son Basil John's death is shown on the gravestone as taking place in Lightmoor Colliery 23rd October 1933, aged 15. I checked on the roll of honour CD and found :

Killed by the fall of 6 cwt of dirt from roof in a roadway. Basil was riding in the cart against colliery rules. Cart knocked out 2 pieces of timber. Death due to dislocation of neck. The CD shows 24th October, but I imagine the gravestone is correct.

I also forgot to add another link in my family tree William James Cowmeadow's aunt Elizabeth Cowmeadow 1841 married my 2nd cousin 4 times removed James Griffiths 1841. James Griffiths being the son of Henry Griffiths 1800 & Dinah Rudge 1806. Dinah Rudge was the daughter of John Rudge 1783 and my Great Great Great Great Great Aunt Eleanor Marfell 1778.

Jim Ashton

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