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by ron shier @, Friday, November 30, 2012, 18:12 (2686 days ago) @ m p griffiths

Your census findings on William Vaughan ar the same as mine, and I have the marriage certificate for William & Elizabeth which matches your input. I did have a slight problem at first in locating the marriage as William does not appear on the GRO Records. I had to get the details of Elizabeth Charles' marriage, and then scroll across to the Vaughan listing. William was not on the Vaughan list but is recorded as William VAUGHER. Slowhand has given a hint of where I might locate details on the GRO Records, he has shown some of William's children being named as Faughn. I will try that lead. It may have been a death that wasn't recorded officially!
Thanks for the other lead info.
Ron Shier

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