Winnie VIRGO & J GOULDING, Blakeney 1916 (General)

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From the Gloucester Journal 27 June 1916

No Place Like Home

In answer to a letter written at Blakeney Council School, and which was enclosed with a consignment of vegetables to the Fleet, Winnie VIRGO has received an interesting reply from J.G GOULDING, a seaman torpedo man on board a battleship. The writer in acknowledging the receipt of the vegetables, says:

"They were very acceptable indeed, coming as they did directly after our big battle in the North Sea. I am pleased to say that this ship did her little bit in the action. I beleive myself that we sank two German warships and one submarine, and brought down one Zeppelin, so I don't consider that we did very badly. No doubt you will be suprised to hear that I am a native of of Blakeney, and the school you go to now was my old school. Mr. Evan JONES was my schoolmaster. I can just picture Blakeney as it is now, and I say, although I have been almost all over the world, that Blakeney is one of the prettiest places I have ever seen"

In conclusion the writer thanks the master, teachers and scholars of Blakeney Council School for their efforts on behalf of the sailors of the Grand Fleet

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