Excellent newspaper resource for the Forest of Dean (General)

by richards @, Thursday, April 04, 2013, 17:39 (2521 days ago)


Searching for "Forest of Dean" brought up over 4000 entries, the original pages and text can be viewed including Miners Strikes, Murders, A Child Born in a Pig-Stye, Wednesday night an explosion occurred at the residence of an old man named Davies, a big charge of dynamite having been placed under the window and of course......

ATTACK ON FRENCHMEN. While four Frenchmen were oxhibiting two performing bears aear Cinderford, Forest of Dean, on Tuesday, an alarti, was raised that the animals had killed a child and seriously injured a woman. Tremendous excitement resulted, and a large number of colliers and the populcae generally started off in pursuit. After a long chase the bears were overtaken, and at once furiously attacked with sticks, stones, and other weapons. One of the poor brutes w.is beaten to death, and the other was shot. The Frenchmen were also attacked and severely beaten, until two escaped to the wcods, and the others, in a pitiable condition, were rescued by the police. The report which caused the alarm had no foundation in fact.

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