Frank DELICATE 1912-1967 (Parish Records)

by Sue_Tovey @, Sunday, May 26, 2013, 12:10 (2678 days ago) @ slowhands

You're right, it's not a Gloucestershire name. My grandfather's family were all born and bred in Derby and this particular branch of Delicates hailed from Gilling, North Yorkshire. From what I can gather, Frank was an itinerant and had met the lady in question some two years previously when he was living at the Wayfarers' Home at Pauntley. They kept in contact after he left Pauntley, but I've no idea who the jilted bride was - hence I'm hoping to track down the Banns [or, I guess, a Marriage Licence]. He was born 22 March 1912 and died 1 February 1967, marrying twice [1938 and 1942].

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