Thomas Palmer of Flaxley (Parish Records)

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If you send for the Will, this may help clear things up. In some cases, in the old Wills I've sent for - children's names are mentioned, but I can't find their baptisms.


William PALMER who was married on the same day as John - not sure of his parentage. W MERETT appears as a witness of William/John and when Thomas CARTER married Anne JEFFERIES - both W MERETT and Giles PALMER were witnesses. Wm PALMER was a witness at the marriage of Giles PALMER in Longney. There's a link somwhere. Use the Advance Search for witnesses - this can be useful. When John PALMER married - one witness was Thomas GABB and he married a CARTER.


There is a gap of a number of years children of John PALMER and Sarah (at Longney)

Sarah - 1721
Thomas - 1723

John - 1731
Giles - 1733

On Fod Records - there is a burial of a William MERETT (Jnr) - of this Parish of Elmore - 14 July 1773


?The Church of Latter Day Saints - has a William PALMER christened at Elmore - 10 July 1726 - father Thos. PALMER.

Also on FoD records : Marriage at Saint Nicholas, Gloucester 14 February 1775 - Joseph PALMER and Susannah HARDING - this couple appear on the CLDS to have children at Eastington. e.g. Richard 1775, Benjamin 1788 - Mary Ann - 1777


- John was from Eastington - on his marriage records in 1763 - so the family appear to have land elsewhere.

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