John Palmer of Flaxley (Parish Records)

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Thanks mpg I have sent for wills of Thomas Palmer 1751 & John Palmer 1813.

Yes, I noticed the gap in years of children of Thomas Palmer - strange.

Yes, will look up witness records.

It is difficult to figure out the relationships.
Children of John & Sarah Palmer were; John, William, Sarah, Joseph, James, Thomas, Mary, Benjamin, Daniel.[WoS Par Rcds]

I have copies of hand drawn pedigrees of Bullock family with Palmer connections* if they would be of use to your records.In fact I'm happy to send any of my records to you if they might help other researchers.

* e.g.Ann Palmer d/o Daniel Palmer & Ann Palmer inherited 'The Temple' Littledean from gt uncle Charles Bullock &

Benjamin Palmer s/o John & Sarah Palmer inherited 'Griffins Farm Tibberton' from Charles Bullock...

ON this same chart is written 'Giles Palmer of Longney ... of Griffins Tibberton ... Sarah - d.1806' - seemingly unconnected to the pedigree! It's all too much.

You have given me much food for thought, Kath

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