PALMER/BULLOCK (Parish Records)

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'Benjamin PALMER s/o John & Sarah PALMER inherited 'Griffins Farm Tibberton' from Charles BULLLOCK'

If you search the Gloucestershire Archives: Online Catalogue

Finding Ref: D2299/2/6/41

Title: Tibberton: Griffins Farm (Thomas Palmer)
Cider and perry

Date: 1897

NumberofDocs: 1 document

--- + lots of other documents and by searching Giles PALMER (which seems to be a family name)

Finding Ref: D678/1 T2/5/46-61
Title: Saunders to Butler to Remington
Date 1736-1765

..... (3 April 1738) by Giles PALMER of Moreton Valence, yeoman and John PALMER of the same, baker (two sons of William PALMER, late of the same, yeomen, deceased),.........


? Gloucester pre 1800 Marriage Index CD

YATE - both of Wotton


24 January 1713

Fod Records: Burial at Longney - 4 March 1753 - Sarah PALMER


When John and William** married in 1763 - they both married by Licence.

In the Downloads - there is an example of the Licence of my x grandparents in 1777 - which contains more information that the parish register entry on the actual marriage day.

i.e. It gives the age of my x grandparents, status and John's occupation. (although I saved it under Bann is should have been Licence)

The Licence is dated 8 March 1777 - the couple married at Lydney - 9 April 1777 (.. ufusal Abode for the Space of Four Weeks laft paft) - John's age and occupation is not on the marriage entry.


The Licence should also be at the Gloucestershire Records office for John.


*** in previous reply gave the CLDS birth of a William PALMER at Elmore in 1726 - father : Thos.

Going back to the Longney transcripts on downloads:

In memory of William PALMER of this parish who died 26 November 1782 age 56 (c1726) and Sarah - his wife - who departed this life June the 28th 1791 age 59.


? are these PALMER's and BULLOCK's inter-marrying farmers?

Looking at my Gloucestershire Marriage Index CD from 1800

Thomas PALMER of Littleworth married Elizabeth BULLOCK at Hempsted - 21 June 1830

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