'Fundholder' / 'Interest of money' (General)

by pojames @, Monday, July 29, 2013, 12:04 (2645 days ago) @ pojames

Probably bad form to answer one's own question, but I just happened to turn up the 1851 instructions to the Census enumerator, where it says:

"Persons following no Profession, Trade or calling and holding no public office, but deriving their income chiefly from land, houses, mines, or other real property, from dividends, interest of money, annuities &c. may designate themselves "Landed Proprietor," "Proprietor of Iron Mines," "Proprietor of Houses," "Fund-holder," "Annuitant," &c. as the case may be. Persons of advanced age who have RETIRED FROM BUSINESS to be entered thus - "Retired Silk Merchant," "Retired Watchmaker," &c."

I see the same question ("What is a fundholder ?") has been posted elsewhere, so this might be of interest to other forum members. It says "etc", so presumably "interest of money", as listed above, could be given as an occupation.

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