Districts. 'Fundholder' / 'Interest of money' ?? (General)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Monday, July 29, 2013, 12:17 (2647 days ago) @ pojames

nice to see you're still enjoying your research :-)

Re you eventually finding your ancestor in the Wales Census, despite Usk being in Monmouthshire a supposedly English County; I've noticed in my forays into the Ancestry and FamilySearch (LDS) search sites that their results often list all the England Census findings first, even when far more likely "hits" from within the Wales Census results are to be found way down the pages, sometimes even after very unlikely proposed matches from many miles across England. I think this is because my search terms invariably include "Gloucestershire" or English placenames. My recommendation nowadays when searching a tricky name, such as my alltocommon Jones' & Taylors, is to checkout JUST the Wales Census "hits" first particularly any under "Monmouth", using the appropriate filters at left of the search page; usually not many to browse thro and can often quickly give good results.

As mentioned earlier, despite being a Jones Boy and knowing I had some Welsh blood, we always considered ourselves English, perhaps emphasised as we rarely visited Monmouth etc to our West but instead went East to Longhope, Ross and Gloster for shoppping or visiting relatives, so rarely thought of ourselves as being Welsh or near Wales. That said my dad worked at his home village Lydbrook most his life and knew the area well, his mum lived and died there. However my brother-in-law also from Worral Hill/Lydbrook just a few miles from us often visited the likes of Monmouth, Chepstow and Newport in his social travels as a young man so had a completely different subconcious mindset, 40 years later he still regularly shops in Monmouth for example; I suspect that would affect the way he approached FH searches.


Re "Fundholder", yes you're right, I think it particularly referred to what we would call Shareholders. Then again, I guess it could have been a cheeky loan-shark, although not in your case of course !

EDIT: oops, hadn't seen your reply to yourself. Ah well.
And no I dont think it bad form at all, I often talk to myself, we sometimes even agree too which is good. My view is the forum is a source of hopefully good reference info for others now & in years to come, not just a Q&A site, so the more replies the better.

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