William METCALF - Ebberston/Monmouth (Parish Records)

by m p griffiths @, Wednesday, July 31, 2013, 15:14 (2777 days ago) @ Janice Jones

'William Metcalf, was a Land Surveyor at Monmouth and surveyed the Forest of Dean etc. for the then Government'


Written by Charles METCALF born 1835 - nephew of William

1841 Census, Ebberston, Yorkshire


George 45, Stone Mason
Rachel 40
Robert 20, William 11, Jane 2, Ann 3, Charles 6, Rachel 5 months


Although the article is about Ebberston, found the article fascinating, especially the passage on the Miller's daughter .....

'The Miller used to say his daughter carried a ton of potatoes in her mouth, because this was the price of false teeth worn by her. She was the first in the village to indulge in such a luxury'

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