Grove Farm, Flaxley (Parish Records)

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searching tinternet for "Grove Farm Flaxley" gave this hit which relates to a modern address, perhaps the same as yours ?

Given as it currently houses a "public figure" if I were you I'd write or phone and politely enquire. It's an uptodate website so you could be lucky...

Grove Farm
Nr Newnham-on-Severn
Glos GL14 1JW


Inputting this postcode into the OldMaps site does find a modern map location called Grove Farm just east of Flaxley village towards Westbury, does this seem correct ?

By changing the displayed map to the oldest available, the 1884 OS, it still shows Grove Farm, suggesting its the same one mentioned in the 1871 Census.
Hopefully carefull studying of these maps will find the other locations you seek.

I'd love to search now but a late meal awaits me, Happy Hunting !

(If you've not used the Old Maps site before then this prior thread may help, it can take a little getting used to at first but is worth persevering with)


OOPS !, sorry, should have back-read(?) the thread first....
re your earlier mention of a Grove Farm at Bullo Pill. I also found that one but I don't think it's the same one as I've quoted above, different phone number & postcode etc. Bullo Pill is on the bank of the Severn, south of Newnham, so a fair way from Flaxley village. "Grove Farm" is a very common/traditional farm name throughout the UK, it seems.
As you then say (perhaps a little mixedup) the above GL14 1JW Grove Farm in Flaxley village is indeed owned by a local councillor, good luck with your email. This is "your" Grove Farm I'm certain.

This FoD Council pdf document has a photo and describes a C17th Barn at Grove Farm.

Searching Tibbs Cross:

Also, in 1876 & 1879 Trade Directories for Flaxley,
"PALMER Thomas, miller and farmer, Flaxley mill"

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