Grove Farm, Flaxley (Parish Records)

by kathg42 @, Saturday, August 03, 2013, 06:45 (2972 days ago) @ Jefff

Many thanks Jeff for your help - but my head's nearly done in. A bit mixed up? - me? - ha! - very likely!
Yes the owner has been a great help & very kind. No doubt she's a busy lady.
The oldmap site has been terrific. I had looked at it before but didn't really get it. But with perseverance I have found Grove Farm, Camp Farm, Tibbs Cross Farm, Grove Style Farm, Temple Farm & Elton Farm where some Palmer/Bullocks lived. I even found another Grove Farm near Camp Farm! As you say a common farm name.It's a shame the old maps can't be printed out.
If a Bullock hadn't met a Palmer in a Cowmeadow none of this would have happened. That's my joke for the day - hope it's allowed...
I have yet to check you refs to Tibbs Cross or Directories.
Once again many thanks.

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