Meredith family tree (Parish Records)

by Gizmo at @, Friday, August 30, 2013, 13:18 (2533 days ago) @ Jefff

Thankyou for all you help it was really great ,you may be interested to know the family continued working in the tin plate industries in Llanelli ,Fred meredith my father in law worked in the bury tin works his brother John and Harold worked for Richard Thomas mills my husband John (William John meredith ) also worked there as a crane driver for a while,both bury works and r.t mills have long gone.but it has been fascinating researching my husbands family ,by coincident my sister lives in glouster and is a lecturer at redfern collage can't wait to tell her what we found out ,been teasing my husband and son that they are part English watching the rugby will never be the same ha ha many thanks
Helen meredith

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