Hayward's of Severnside Newnhamshire (Parish Records)

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Yes, you are of course correct regarding Broadoak, it's just a mile or two upstream of Newnham towards Westbury then Gloster. Both Newnham & smaller Broadoak are Severnside on the outside of the Horseshoe bend, directly opposite Arlingham, all served by the ferry from 1802 til 1947. As well as the River, Newnham & Broadoak are linked by the GWR and the main A48 road.

Here's a map

And this nice little site with history and old photos

PS searching the Hayward name in the area gives a few Johns & Samuels within Victorian Directories, so yes these appear to be "family" names.

"Arlingham 1863,
Parish clerk, John Hayward.
Hayward Samuel, shopkeeper
Hayward Samuel, jun. New Inn #
(at nearby Overton, Hayward Joseph, farmer & beer retailr)"

"Newnham 1879 - Ferryman, Samuel Hayward."

#For more info and history of the New Inn search "Arlingham" in this site and page thro' the eight hits.
Keepup the great work :-)

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