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Been sent a copy of a entry by Janice - which among other things listed : William DUKES JONES born 1 May 1818, and Edward GILES JONES born 12 April 1823 + Sarah Elizabeth JONES (? January 1830) christened 29 January 1830 Monmouth - FOD records

Janice hadn't found a marriage of William JONES to Ann (possible BOWYER) and this name then crops up in next generations of JONES.

However, found this on FoD records

Marriage at English Bicknor - 7 September 1814

William JONES

residence: extraparochial land adjoining this parish



residence: extraparochial land adjoining this parish

by Banns, 1814, July 24, Aug 7

Witnesses: William and Eliza GILES **

Memoranda: with consent of Parents

Notes: Banns are in P138 IN 1/7 page 116

Fod Records

Baptism at Monmouth - 29 April 1823

Edward Giles JONES

parents William & Ann

residence: of this parish

Occupation: Victualler


Fod Records - Marriage at Monmouth - 19 November 1798

William GILES of this parish


Eliza BOWYER - of this Parish

by Licence

witnesses: James GILES and Ann BOWYER

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