Joseph Meek of Ruardean (Parish Records)

by imarlb, Friday, March 07, 2014, 22:04 (2509 days ago)

I wonder if anyone has sorted out the parentage of the Joseph Meek who married Ann Harris at Ruardean in 1779. I've seen some discussion on the forum about Ann but not about Joseph. Apparently he was buried in 1819 aged 69 giving a birth date c. 1750.

There are 4 potentials if we only consider Ruardean and assume that his age at death was correct within 5 years.
Son of Francis and Rachel bap 1746
Son of William and Alces bap 1747
Son of John and Elizabeth bap 1749 and
Son of James and Elizabeth bap 1750.

Is Francis Meek, a witness at Joseph and Ann's marriage, a significant factor or was he (like Joseph Harper) a regular witness at marriages?

I've now seen potential father John's will dated 1771. This confirms his children but does nothing to help decide which Joseph is which.

Does anyone know anything that might help?

Thanks, Irene

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