Joseph Meek of Ruardean (Parish Records)

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MPGriffiths will data, helps me to think that I have it right :
The Will of John Meek - 12 Sept 1771
lists children, Elizabeth, Ann, Joseph, Phebe & Mary

Joseph get's £10 and is the Executor.

In my Family tree I have the offspring of John Meek & Elizabeth Smart as :
Betty baptised 7 Sep 1746
Ann baptised 7 Feb 1747
Sarah baptised 2 Oct 1748
Joseph baptised 10 Dec 1749
Susannah baptised 23 May 1750
Phebe baptised 15 Mar 1752
Mary baptised 20 Sep 1753

Sarah & Susannah could have been dead when Will drawn up.

Will data often reveals some surprises regards the wealth of the deceased, some are more thrifty and in some cases, we will never know how they acquire the money.

Jim Ashton

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