Visiting the Forest of Dean (General)

by JaneyH @, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Saturday, September 20, 2014, 09:28 (2193 days ago)

It looks like I'm finally going to be able to visit the Forest of Dean at the end of October, albeit just for a few days.

On the family history front, I plan to visit Gloucester Archives and hopefully look at records for Westbury Workhouse, where my great-grandmother spent some time around 1921-22, and possibly my grandfather too, as a child. After that it's mainly a case of soaking up some atmosphere, so we'll look at Cinderford, Newnham, Blaize Bailey and Flaxley.

However, while I would love to spend the whole time on family history matters, this isn't realistic for a family trip so I need to find some places to visit that will be of more interest to my husband and six-year old son. Having looked around the internet oath the Dean Heritage Centre and Chepstow Castle look good. Does anyone local to the Forest have any suggestions? I'm particularly keen to fins something in Gloucester to cover the time I'm looking at archives.

Many thanks, Janey

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