William Hook born 1759 (Inquests)

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Is your tree on Ancestry ??

There are many Public Members Trees on Ancestry with William HOOK born 1759 and Mary McKee (got to 20 but there are more) - if you look at all these trees - they may hold new information for you - including Military 1780 - and Census 1782, 1810, 1820, residence 1830 etc.

1780 aged 21 Military

Served in the Revolutionary War as orderly in Capt. John Neils' Virginia Co. The military unit was responsible for guarding prisoners of war in the Hessian Barracks in Western Frederick Co. This is how he met Mary McKee

Are any of the first generation children christened with middle names - which can include a Surname which gives extra clues.

On one file on the net - one Son is listed as William L HOOK - christened 1792.

If you listed the census returns/baptisms etc on this forum - with the whole family - this would help.

and quoting his Military records (dates) in which he states he was from Gloucestershire

Ancestry - do have Gloucestershire Wills available - which includes some HOOK(E)'s.

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