William Hook (Bonded 1773) (Inquests)

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As William HOOK was bonded - assume he travelled with his Master?

Ancestry does have a list of

UK Register of Duties Paid for Apprentice Indentures 1710-1811


These are registers of the money received for the payment on taxes for an apprentice's indenture between 1710-1811. The records include sum received, name, address, and trade of master, name of apprentice, dates of articles of apprenticeship. Up until 1752 the Apprentice's parents name were included - but rare after that.

The dates for the records are for when tax was paid and may be some years after the Apprenticeship not when it started or finished. In total, on Ancestry - there are 523,475

This information is also on the National Archives.

Searching for Gloucestershire etc - various names turn up including Little Dean etc - so a useful research tool for this forum.


The only Wm HOOK around that time is

Master's Name: Robert HOOK (Cordwainer)

Apprentice Name: Wm HOOK

Residence Location: East Healthy, Sussex

Payment Date: 29 April 1773


Searching : St Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex for HOOK

27 April 1770

James HOOK - Master: occupation, Waterman & Lighterman - Apprentice: Sam Godfrey (for 7 years)


St Margaret's London (bounded by the River Thames to the East and River Crane to the West



Tracing Watermen Ancestors



It might be possible that your William HOOK came to London by Waterways etc.

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