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Good to meet another relative ForestPrints.

My connexion to Louisa ROBERTS (1854 - 1880) is through her mother Louisa ROBERTS nee HULIN (1824 - ?), the daughter of James HULIN (1797 - 1874), and his wife Esther, or Hester HULIN nee BANISTER (? - ?). I see from Ian THOMAS' post of 2005, that Louisa THOMAS nee ROBERTS, and her husband John Morris THOMAS, had at least one son named George James THOMAS, and that he was adopted after Louisa's death in 1880, by it seems her uncle Richard ROBERTS, and his wife Louisa. I'd like to know more about George James THOMAS, and of course your family line, and any information on the ROBERTS family in general. It seems I might be related to the ROBERTS family not only through the HULIN connexion, but also through Thomas ROBERTS and his wife Mary Ann FRANKLYN, or FRANKLIN's daughter, Amelia ROBERTS, who married my relation Richard KEARSEY. Looking last night at the 1841 Census of Newland, Gloucestershire, I noted that in the household of Thomas and Mary Ann ROBERTS, were William KERSEY, and his wife Jane KERSEY, nee LUCAS. William KERSEY was the son of Mark Nurthen KERSEY, and so this appears to link up our KEARSEY family with the KERSEY'S of Newent, Gloucestershire - a link we have always assumed was there, but until now, could not make the connexion. Our KEARSEY'S family, as a group, all added an "a" to our family name in the late 1700s - for what reason we don't know - it was quite a few families who made this switch all at the same time.

I'm not sure now, and I should really check before posting on the forum, my direct e-mail address, so I'll do that and if it's OK will get back to you with it.

Kind regards,

Don Cameron.

Don Cameron

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