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Thank you to all for the information provided on William Toomey and his possible life after discharge from the Army. This information now raises more questions for me.
According to his discharge papers, he was discharged in Birr and expressed a desire to live in the area.
I agree with the information on his Lodge membership. Dates and rank match .
If he is the William Toomey who was a later steward at Royal Cork Yacht Club and then at Hibernian Hotel he would have had to have moved from Birr, which seems like a distance but if one has served in Canada, The West Indies and joined the Army in Gloucester it probably wouldn't seem far.
The report of his wife death in 1860 confuses me as it said he was a member of the Royal Cork Rifles ? It also matches the Hibernian Hotel report re his earlier mess service in the Second Battalion of 1st Regiment of Foot.
Now I need to try to link him to the William Toomey (Tummy) born in Churchdown.
With all of the Geographic and Historical information i am absorbing during my Family research, I think I would make an awesome quiz show competitor. Problem is, my memory is like a sieve.

Sid Toomey

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