James Joseph Hill b1878 Kempley (Parish Records)

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This is a follow on from marridge and death , I am looking for any information re. the above dob 1878 in Kempley ,Newent he emigrated to Australia , looking for information of this departure. my brother said he went to Nova Scotia first.

Some background first, this site's PRs give;

Record_ID: 20860
Entry_Number: 1553
Year: 1878
Month: Apr
Day: 18
Parents_Surname: HILL
Child_Forenames: James Joseph
Fathers_Forenames: James Joseph
Mothers_Forenames: Harriet
Residence: Kempley
Occupation: Farmer
Event: Baptism
Memoranda: DOB 24/03/1878
Register_Reference: P125 IN 1/24
Page_Number: 195
Parish_Chapel: Dymock
Soundex: H400

and his parent's marriage;

Record_ID: 26614
Entry_Number: 82
Year: 1873
Month: Nov
Day: 13
Grooms_Surname: HILL
Grooms_Forenames: James Joseph
Grooms_Age: 0
Groom_Condition: Batchelor
Grooms_Occupation: Miller
Grooms_Residence: Oxenhall
Grooms_Fathers_Surname: Hill
Grooms_Fathers_Forenames: Joseph
Grooms_Fathers_Occupation: Farmer
Brides_Surname: THURSTON
Brides_Forenames: Harriett
Brides_Age: 18
Brides_Condition: Spinster
Brides_Occupation: [not stated]
Brides_Residence: Oxenhall
Brides_Fathers_Surname: Thurston
Brides_Fathers_Forenames: Robert
Brides_Fathers_Occupation: Farmer
Licence_or_Banns: Banns
Signature_or_Mark: Both sign
Witness_1: Frederick Thurston
Witness_2: Sarah Thurston
Officiating_Minister: T P Little
Event: Marriage
Register_Reference: P241 IN 1/12
Page_Number: 41
Parish_Chapel: Oxenhall
Soundex_Groom: H400
Soundex_Bride: T623

Record_ID: 2697
Entry_Number: 354
Year: 1899
Month: Aug
Day: 21
Surname: HILL
Forenames: James Joseph
Residence: Blaisdon
Age_at_death: 59
Officiating_Minister: V Douglas Jones Rector
Event: Burial
Register_Reference: P50 IN 1/9
Page_No: 45
Parish_Chapel: Blaisdon
Soundex: H400

From this it looks like this is correct, from Familysearch (excellent free site);

1881 Census, Towersey (Bucks), Oxfordshire, England
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
James J Hill Head M 40 Farm Bailiff. Dimmock, Gloucestershire, England
Harriett Hill Wife F 36 Newent, Gloucestershire, England
John Hill Son M 6 Dimmock, Gloucestershire, England
Mary E Hill Daughter F 5 Dimmock, Gloucestershire, England
James J Hill Son M 3 Kempley, Gloucestershire, England

1891 Census, Southends Lane, Newent, Glos, England
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
James J Hill Head M 50 Farm Bailiff. Gloucestershire, England
Harriet Hill Wife F 45 Gloucestershire, England
John Hill Son M 12 Gloucestershire, England
James J Hill Son M 13 Grocer's Apprentice. Gloucestershire, England
Frances H Hill Daughter F 9 Gloucestershire, England

Cannot find any definite Marriage or Death for James b1878 in PRs, or GlosBMD.
FreeBMD has some possible marriages for "James Joseph Hill" c1900ish in London area, but which if any apply ?
Post 1911 FreeBMD records only give initial for middle name, and a James John Hill was born in Gloster c1876 for example, so care is needed...

However cannot see an obvious Death record in UK.


FamilySearch gives this record, is it our James ?

1920 US Census, Malden Ward 1, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
James J Hill Head M 43 England
Eliza A Hill Wife F 46 England
Jessie Hill Daughter F 14 England
Rowland Hill Son M 11 Massachusetts
Edith W Hill Son M 0 Massachusetts
Rita O Kane Roomer F 26 Canada

Full details here, includes Year of Immigration as 1914, born 1877 etc;
BUT this show their son Rowland born in USA c1909, so before they immigrated ??

1940 US Census, Ward 6, Malden, Malden City, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
James W Hill Head M 63 England
Eliza A Hill Wife F 66 England
Edith W Hill Daughter F 21 Massachusetts
(The actual census form does appear to read James W, but assume in error wrt family names matching).

Unfortunately Familysearch shows several James or Joseph Hills "born England c1878" living in the US in later census's, albeit with different spouses, so room for confusion here.

Cannot find Gloshire births for the above children, so as to clarify parents details.

Re-searching Family Search for Rowland finds the whole family arrive in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts in 1914 on ship Franconia.
The actual Passenger List image gives name and address of next-of-kin etc in England but except for "mother Catherine" I cannot read handwriting, sorry..
Also Father's name LOOKS like MAY be James William, so perhaps this is wrong record/family ?? Hopefully someone else can please read the image and hopefully decipher the handwriting, thanks.

Partial transcript and full list image from

ref their ship, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RMS_Franconia_%281910%29


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