James Joseph Hill (Parish Records)

by wazza, Tuesday, March 22, 2016, 01:08 (1572 days ago) @ wazza

thank you fellows so much for your help.
the family is that of James Joeseph Hill and Harriett Thurston, Dymock. he was a farm Bailiff died 1899 age 59 James Joseph Hill born 1878 is the son and thats the one we are trying to track from U.K to Australia my brother said he left from liverpool went to Novia Scotia, .I dont know where he got that info from, also talk that he went to San Francisco to
prospect for Gold, He ended up in Western Australia in the Kalgoolie Goldfields , later he went to Kurri Kurri ,Cesnock and became the general manager of the Kurri Kurri Weston Co operative stores . married to Elizabeth Arbuckle in 1902 , she was from Bremerton N.Z . her father from Glascow. ,J.J.Hill .died with heart complications 30th June 1938

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