Thomas Henry Richards b1869 Clearwell ? (Parish Records)

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Not that this answers the original question but, given that the Barracks Census entry is the right one, this must be Alexandra in her previous marriage,

GR 1891 Census, Moseley

James ANDERSON, Head, Mar, 29, Coal Miner, b. Glos. East Dean
Alexandria, Wife, Mar, 27, Glos. West Dean
William H, Son, 7, Scholar, Glos. West Dean
Cambell, Son, 5, Scholar, Glos. West Dean
Nora E, Daur, 3, Glos. West Dean

GR General Register, Q2, 1883

James ANDERSON married Emma JOYNES or Alley HALE
Monmouth District.

I guess that this must be Alexandra in 1881,

GR 1881 Census, Cheshire, Bowden, Ashley Road,

Ellis LEVER, Head, Mar, Coal Merchant, b. Lancs. Kersley
Alley HALE, Serv, Un, 18, Domestic Servant (Housemaid), Glos. Coleford
Edith HALE, Serv, Un, 16, Domestic Servant (Housemaid), Glos. Coleford

This looks like her family, all from this site,

Parents Moses and Susan (Susannah for Edward) HALE

Year Child Residence Father’s Occ. Parish/Chapel

1855 Moses Lane End Collier Christchurch
1857 Henry Lane End Collier Christchurch
1860 Harriet Lane End Collier Christchurch
1862 AlbertEdward Coleford Congregational
1864 Alexandra Coleford Congregational
1866 Edith Coleford Congregational
1868 Hubert Coleford Lane End Collier Clearwell
1870 Edward Tom Ellwood Foreman of works Clearwell
1873 Ernest George Ellwood (Parkend) Foreman in Coal works Clearwell
1875 Charlotte Jane Ellwood (Parkend) Foreman Collier Clearwell

According to various entries in the BNA James ANDERSON died as the result of an accident when a pony and trap he was driving ran out of control over a steep bank near Parkend. His brother-in-law, Earnest George HALE was with him but suffered only minor injuries. He died on Wed 26th June 1895 and left a wife and four children.

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