Thomas Families of Oldcroft /Yorkley/ Viney Hill (General)

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Hello Chris,

If this is the right Eva I think you may be correct about the name she used at marriage to Richard SAUNDERS. Here she is in a later census,

GR 1881 Census, West dean, Old Croft

Benjamin THOMAS, Head, Mar, 57, Coal Miner, b. Gloshire, West Dean
Mary Ann, Wife, Mar, 52, Gloshire, Newland
Edwin, Son, Un, 16, Coal Miner, Gloshire, West Dean
Eva, Daur, 13, Scholar, Gloshire, West Dean
Richard, Son, 12, Scholar, Gloshire, West Dean
Florance, Daur, 12, Scholar, Gloshire, West Dean
Benjamin, Son, 10, Scholar, Gloshire, West Dean
Alice, Daur, 7, Scholar, Gloshire, West Dean

This seems to be her illegitimate daughter, Annie (Mary Ann),


Record_ID: 412366
Year: 1889
Month: Apr
Day: 14
Parents_Surname: THOMAS
Child_Forenames: mary Ann
Mothers_Forenames: Eva
Residence: Union
Parish_Chapel: Monmouth

In 1901 Annie looks to be with her grandmother,

GR 1901 Census, West Dean, Oldcroft

Mary A THOMAS, Head, Wid, 66, b. Woolaston, Glos.
Edwin, Son, M, 34, Coal miner (Hewer), Oldcroft, Glos.
Jane, Daur in law, M, 34, Oldcroft, Glos.
Annie M A, Grand daur, 12, Oldcroft, Glos.
Ethel M, Grand daur, 4, Oldcroft, Glos.

This seems to show that the marriage didn’t turn out too well,

BNA Gloucestershire Chronicle - Saturday 14 May 1892

Eva Saunders summoned Richard Saunders, her husband, a collier, for assaulting her on the 26th September last year. The parties, who looked very young, had been married about two years, and there was one child four years old. The defendant had assaulted his wife, and then deserted her. He had been working in Cardiff. On being fined 20s. and ordered to pay 27s. costs, defendant said he would rather go to gaol. He was accommodated with one month’s hard labour.

This looks like Richard back with his family in 1901,

GR 1901 Census, West Dean, Viney Hill,

Harriett SAUNDERS, Head, Wid, 72, b. Oldcroft, Glos.
Samuel, Son, S, 44, Coal Miner, Oldcroft, Glos. Deaf. Time NK.
William, Son, S, 34, Coal Miner, Oldcroft, Glos.
Richard, Son, S, 29, Labourer General, Oldcroft, Glos.
Selina HOWELL, Granddaur, 10, Oldcroft, Glos. Cripple from (Birth?)
Fred SAUNDERS, Grandson, 13, Oldcroft, Glos.

Despite the anomalous age and marital status this must be Richard SAUNDERS. The family matches previous census entries for him. Deceased father’s name was George as per marriage record.

But where is Eva?

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