William Puckmore m Ann Loveridge (General)

by sianb, England, Tuesday, July 25, 2017, 11:42 (726 days ago)

Can anyone help with the following please.
William Puckmore yeoman of Pauntley married Ann Loveridge 3 May 1689 in Oxenhall, although the record states that her residence was also Pauntley. What was the connection to Oxenhall, why marry there?
Also, can anyone find a baptismal record for her which would probably be about 1670? I have trawled the internet in all the usual places and can find nothing.

(To confuse the issue, I have also found another Anne Loveridge marrying into the Hooper family in 1690.)

William and Ann Puckmore had children Ann in 1690 and Hannah 1691.
Thank you.

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