BARNARDs of Mitcheldean and Abenhall (General)

by MPGriffiths @, Friday, August 11, 2017, 21:33 (407 days ago) @ macast

? Have you checked the National Archives (A2a)

These records are held at the Gloucestershire Archives

Date: 1728

Reference: GDR/B4/1/1749

Gloucestershire Diocesan Records. Consistory Court. Court Paper.

Sarah BARNARD v Jonathan BARNARD : defamation


Date: 1728

Gloucester Diocesan Records. Consistory Court. Court papers. Mitcheldean

Sarah BARNARD v Mary BARNARD : defamation


Date: 1728

Same Heading as before : Mitcheldean

Mary BARNARD v Matthew BARNARD : defamation


Date: 1731

Same heading : Mitcheldean

Tacey Stephens v Eliz. BARNARD, defamation


FoD records has

baptism at Mitcheldean: 1 July 1733

Sarah STEPHENS, parents: John & Tacey

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