Benedicta Bennet m. Richard Trigg (General)

by Tony Trigg @, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, Thursday, August 17, 2017, 12:46 (401 days ago)

With such a distinct name you'd think this would be easy. Benedicta married Richard 8 May 1764 in Westbury-On-Severn, but I'm struggling with details of her birth.

Option 1: There is a 25 Mar 1753 Baptism for Benedicta Bennet, daughter of Thomas, in Walford, but she would only be 11 at the time of the marriage.

Option 2: In 1744 there was a Betty Bennett in Ruardean. "April the 22nd: Betty the Daughter of James Bennet and Betty was baptised.". is Betty an alternative for Benedicta ?

Option 3: Another tree shows parents as Joseph Bennett,(1704-1749)and Rachel End, with no evidence - I can't find them anywhere!

The only burial I can find is 22 Dec 1807 in Westbury for Benedictus Trigg - but that's a male name.

Is anyone else tracing this line ?

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