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I don’t know how much of this information you have already but I think it points firmly towards Jonas and Hannah being the parents of Frederick

From Ancestry,

April 16 1829, marriage at Cold Aston,
Jonas RAWLINGS, batchelor of this Parish
Hannah RAWLINGS, spinster of this Parish
Both mark.
Witnesses, Danill GISFORD, Aaron FRANCOMB (Parish clerk?)

Then the children, all baptised at Cold Ashton, abode Cold Ashton,

30th May 1830
Rebecca, daughter of Jonas and Hannah RAWLINGS

Name: Rebecca Rawlings
Death Age: 3
Birth Year: abt 1830
Burial Date: 8 Aug 1833
Burial Place: Cold Ashton, Gloucestershire, England

29th July 1832
Frederic, son of Jonas and Hannah RAWLINGS

[ his birth year in Census ranges from 1831 to 1834]

29th June 1834
Rebecca, daughter of Jonas and Hannah RAWLINGS

4th December 1837
Peter, son of Hannah RAWLINGS
Her husband transported more than 13 months since.

2nd April 1839
Jane, daughter of Hannah RAWLINGS

In GR 1841 Hannah (aged 45) is in Cold Ashton with Frederick (9) and Rebecca (7) but Jonas does not appear. In GR 1851 and 1861 she is recorded as a widow (aged 50 and 60 respectively and as Ann in 1851) and in the latter Census she is with Frederick as a boarder.

From the BNA,

There are several reports in 1835 of Jonas RAWLINGS being sentenced to transportation. They give the term as life but this is not correct – the record of his trial says seven years. The crime is recorded as receiving stolen goods.

From the Australian Convict Transportation Registers on Ancestry,

Name: Jonas RAWLINGS
Vessel: Bardaster
Conviction date: 23 March 1835
Voyage: 7 Sep 1835
Colony: Tazmania
Place of conviction: Somerset England

From the Launceton Examiner (Tazmania) Sat 19 Mar 1842,


The periods for which the undermentioned persons were transported expiring at the date placed after their respective names, Certificates of their Freedom may be obtained…………etc

Jonas RAWLINGS 23rd March

NSW Tazmania Convict Musters for 1846,

Convicted Somerset 1835
Arrived 1836
Term 7 years
Accidentally killed

Australian Death Index,

Birth: about 1807
Age: 35
Death date: 6 Dec 1842
Place: Horton, Tazmania

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