Delaney and Davies families (General)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 18:21 (375 days ago) @ probinson

Do you know where your grandfather lived when he died? You said in a previous post that he moved away from the FoD so he may not be buried in the area at all.

I found a William Charles Delaney, born 1915, died 1984 in Yorkshire. That's the closest I can find.

Hi all,
I currently don't have access to any of the subscription websites, but would add that googling "William Charles Delaney" shows that this is quite a common name set across the country. One hit shows FMP having the Yorkshire death record to be in Leeds.
Similarly searching the FreeBMD site shows several entries, including a Marriage of a William C Delaney in Leeds, Yorkshire in 1933, which MAY be the gentleman above.
Unfortunately FreeBMD doesn't show Deaths after the 1960s or so, hence no chance of finding a 1984 death on that site.
However I am surprised that I cannot even find any FreeBMD Birth record anywhere in the UK for our William, despite the clear Staunton baptism PR quoted on one of the past threads by Slowhands. ??

I've also searched the GlosBMD site, which again gives no deaths c1984 - altho I must say I'm not a fan of that site since it's been revamped to only give records against a specified known year.

I've also tried searching the BNA old newspapers site, but no luck as yet.
For all these searches I've tried Delaney AND Delany, are their any other spelling variations to try ?

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