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by Mike Pinchin @, Bedford, England, Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 22:37 (557 days ago) @ kimmy-lou

Unless I’ve missed something this seems to be the only Jonas RAWLINGS in the right place at the right time. The same register reveals at least six potential siblings,

Jane the Daughter of Daniel and Ann Rawlins was baptised March 19 1811.

George the Son of Daniel and Ann Rawlings June 4 1804.

Joseph the Son of Daniel and Ann Rawlings was baptised November 1 1801

Abraham and Isaac the Sons of Daniel and Ann Rawlings were baptised April 9 1800

Thomas the Son of Daniel and Ann Rawlings was baptized October 5 1799
(this entry has been squashed in later)

If the children were baptised soon after birth there are some potential anomalies here but, then again, a baptism date is not a birth date.

There is also this entry from the Cold Ashton marriage register,

The banns of marriage between Daniel Rawlings of the Parish of Cold Ashton and Ann Cox of the Parish of Marshfield were duly published in the Church of Cold Ashton on the three following Sundays (viz) the 12th, 19th and 26th of April 1795.
John Whittington, Minister

However, this is not followed by a record of the solemnisation of the marriage as is usually the case in this register.

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