Delaney and Davies families, esp wrt Kate COLLICOTT ?? (General)

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William Charles Delaney

Birth: abt 1894

Baptism: 4 Feb 1894 • English Bicknor, Gloucestershire, England

Marriage: 9 Apr 1928 • Forest of Dean, Christchurch, Gloucestershire, England. Kate Collicott (1902–1994)

Death: 14 December 1964 • Gloucestershire, England

Based on the info Dianne originally supplied, this isn't her grandfather.

Hi PR,
I share your apparent confusion with this thread.
Easy for me to say as I'm short of both time and resources at the mo, but has anyone fully researched the life of Kate Delaney nee Collicott, and specifically her time with William Charles Delaney ? I'm probably wrong ;-) , but to me the evidence suggests that either William had two marriages running concurrently, or there are two Williams.

I ask as apart from the your post above and MPG's post ref Kate being widowed in 1964, and a suggestion? of a family connection in Dianne's post, I've seen no other mention of her. I've read and re-read the related threads, searched the forum & PRs for her, and so on. eg I'd love to know where and when was she buried ?
Sadly I don't have access to Ancestry so cannot access "recent" deaths & burials, or the Public Tree that you've mentioned (as you say it would be very helpful if Dianne could please confirm if this is her tree).

My gut feeling agrees that the above William is not the same man that married Dianne's grandmother Evelyn Davies.

Or have I totally misunderstood this situation ?... as we all know I can be dim at times !

Looks to me that this is a clear case for plotting two family trees, one for Delaney/Davies and one for Delaney/Collicott, and hopefully all will become clearer.


UPDATE: I've now split this post which was growing rather long, to remove my COLLICOTT findings to a newer post later in this thread.



Not sure if this has already been posted, but for my help, here's Kate's marriage PR:

Record_ID: 82079
Entry_Number: 73
Year: 1928
Month: Apr
Day: 9
Grooms_Surname: DELANEY
Grooms_Forenames: William Charles
Grooms_Age: 34
Groom_Condition: Bachelor
Grooms_Occupation: Crown Employee
Grooms_Residence: Hillersland
Grooms_Fathers_Surname: Delaney
Grooms_Fathers_Forenames: William
Grooms_Fathers_Occupation: Crown Employee [deceased]
Brides_Surname: COLLICOTT
Brides_Forenames: Kate

Brides_Age: 26
Brides_Condition: Spinster
Brides_Residence: Berry Hill
Brides_Fathers_Surname: Collicott
Brides_Fathers_Forenames: Thomas Charles
Brides_Fathers_Occupation: Master Tailor

Licence_or_Banns: Banns
Signature_or_Mark: Both Sign
Witness_1: Sydney James Delaney
Witness_2: Elizabeth Annie Collicott
Other_Witnesses: T C Collicott

Officiating_Minister: Albert Hoyle
Event: Marriage
Register_Reference: P52 IN 1/8
Page_Number: 37
Parish_Chapel: Christchurch
Soundex_Groom: D450
Soundex_Bride: C423

So this William was born abt 1894, father William(dec).

Clearly this is not the same William Delaney (born in 1915) who Slowhands mentioned in the 3rd post in this old thread, altho there are several links (location,occupation etc) which suggest he's related. Slowhands' post doesn't mention this Wm's marriage or death. Oddly FreeBMD doesn't have his Birth record, perhaps as it was in wartime.

However FreeBMD does have this Marriage, which seems to place Wm b1915 as Dianne's Grandfather (based on dates/ages);
Surname First name(s) Mother/Spouse/Age District Vol Page
Marriages Sep 1937 (>99%)
Davis Evelyn M Delaney F. of Dean 6a 1027
Delaney William C Davis F.of Dean 6a 1027

I also found this record on FreeBMD which looks very much like the death of our other William born c1894
Surname Given Name Age District Volume Page Transcriber
Deaths Dec 1964

The 4th post in the above-mentioned old thread shows that Dianne's mother Gillian Delaney was married in Leeds in 1959, and suggests Gillian's father Wm Chas Delaney married Doris Micklefield in Leeds in 1943, after first wife Evelyn died in Gloster in 1941. I wonder if work or armed forces service took William to Leeds during WW2 where he met Doris (cannot find her Birth on FreeBMD so unsure if this was her home area) and settled there after the war. These records suggest this is indeed the same Wm who died in Leeds in 1984 as per our posts at the top of this current thread.

Apologies to all of you who already understood this, but it's helping me.


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