Llily GARDINER marries William H FLUCK, 1950 in Ross. (General)

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Hi Phil,
I only have access to the various free websites, but will try and help.

As you don't seem to know ages hence birthdates etc, I'm guessing they are no longer alive, and you don't know their place of burial etc ?. Please clarify, I'm sure you know but such info could be critical, thanks.

Meanwhile, searching FreeBMD for deaths for "L FLuck" - this one stands out to me, is there any chance she could be your Lily ? I cannot find a cirresponding local birth record for this name, suggests she was married.

Deaths Sep 1954 (>99%)
FLUCK Lilian 49 Gloucester R. 7b 393

Sadly no obvious Lilian Gardiner Births c1905 on FreeBMD, this is the best I can find.
Surname First name(s) District Vol Page
Births Mar 1909 (>99%)
GARDINER Lily Ross 6a 436

Altho Gardner is quite a common surname in the Glos/Herefordshire(Ross) area, it seems that Gardiner is not, especially in Hereofrdshire, so to find one in Ross may be significant. Of course records may have spelling errors/variations so ???

Of course it's possible that her Ross marriage is a red-herring and not her home parish ? Certainly, the excellent and highly-recommended "FamilySearch" site shows more than a few possibles in the Stroud area, Lily/Lilly/Lillian is a popular Gardiner name in that area from the 1870s or so onwards. I cannot see any obvious entries under Herefordshire.

Here's one example that seems plausible;

1911 Census, Chalford, Glos, Stroud Reg District.
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
Dorcas Gardiner Wife F 51 Married. Chalford, Gloucestershire
Kate Gardiner Daughter F 21 Pin worker. Gloshire Chalford
Lionel Gardiner Son M 18 Carter, coal. Gloshire Chalford
Helena Gardiner Daughter F 12 Glosshire Chalford
Lily Gardiner Daughter F 9 Glosshire Chalford
Percy Gardiner Son M 7 Glosshire Chalford
John West Son M 6 Bisley, Gloucestershire

Which looks like this this family (Bussage is very near Chalford);

1901 Census, Chalford, Glos, Stroud Reg District.
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
Frederick J Gardiner Head M 36 Eastcombe, Gloucestershire
Dorcas Gardiner Wife F 41 Bussage, Gloucestershire
Alfred W West Step Son M 18 Bussage, Gloucestershire
John W West Step Son M 16 Bussage, Gloucestershire
Frances K Gardiner Daughter F 11 Chalford, Gloucestershire
Frederick L Gardiner Son M 8 Chalford, Gloucestershire
Helena D Gardiner Daughter F 2 Chalford, Gloucestershire

There are many more records for this family on FamilySearch site including father Frederick's christening.


Unfortunately there seems to be quite a few William H Flucks in our general area esp Gloster/Stroud, altho most entries have the initial letter of a third name too. It seems likely the H is for Henry.

Could this possibly be our man, born abt 1906 ?.

1911 Census, Hardwicke, Gloucester, Wheatenhurst Reg District.
Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
Austin Henry Fluck Head M 32 Dock labourer. Glosshire, Hardwicke
Adelaide Louise Fluck Wife F 33 London Old Rd, Kent
William Henry Fluck Son M 5 Hardwicke, Gloucestershire
Jessie Elizabeth Sarah Fluck Daughter F 3 Hardwicke, Gloucestershire
Phyllis Mary Fluck Daughter F 1 Hardwicke, Gloucestershire

Interestingly(given my earlier observations ref 3rd names) the nearest birth match on FreeBMD is this;

Births Dec 1905 (>99%)
Fluck William Henry J Wheatenhurst 6a 337

Corrsponding entry on GlosBMD is;

Birth Details
Child Surname Child Forename Mother's Former Name Year District Office Register Entry
FLUCK William Henry Jesse WOOD 1905 Gloucester Gloucester, Haresfield 13 76

Hoping this helps Phil, and more importantly is correct. Needs a lot more work of course !!

atb Jeff.

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