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BBC : WW2 People's War - Firefighting at the Gloster Aircraft Company

has an article on behalf of : Jim WYATT who lived in the Forest of Dean in his early days and went to the school which is now Dean Magna, his early life, left school and worked the the local Vicar for about six months and then had a job on a farm - and joined after more than six months battle through red tape and at 16 and a half years was a cadet as a Firefighter.

Easter 1942 there was a raid on Gloster Aircraft and bombs dropped on the car park which was alongside the fire station and many people were killed.

He goes on to say, people think the fire service was made up of Green Goddesses during the war - but that's not true. It was very difficult at the beginning of the war to get appliances. Cars were adapted to take two bars with trailer pumps and one of the biggest problems was that turntable ladders were made across the channel in France and of course when war broke out that supply dried right up and we had to develop our own ladders in this country.

Mentions other bombings January 2 in Napier Street and Montpellier


So Jim WYATT around c1922/23/26 Forest of Dean

? Alfred James WYATT born Cinderford

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