Story that was told to me as a youngster - WW2 bombing. (General)

by Dlg @, Thursday, September 28, 2017, 22:51 (359 days ago) @ Jefff

Hi Jeff , thank you for your reply , it might be the story of Mrs Davies ... it does ring a bell , I did not believe it but now you have suggested a story that was very similar to the my nan told me , I reckon this is the same story , my nan told me many stories about the forest and her life there , the struggle she had bringing up her children , she had to carry bags of coals while she was heavily pregnant over many hills , she had a very hard life , nan and gramp rented a home off of their mother and my Gramp won one pound on the pools, because my gramp would not buy the home from the parents the family had to split up and my nan and gramp with seven children got thrown out onto the street , my nan had to live in a tin hut with some of the children and the rest went to live here in stonehouse at the spa pub with my gramps family , many years before my mum passed away she wanted me to write a story telling her family life and how hard it was . My nan loved the forest it was her home . :)

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