Thomas NASH born in 1700s and his descendants (General)

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For starters

By checking for Thomas NASH as a witness to a wedding at Newland

19 September 1762

John JONES of Newland, married Anne NASH of Newland by Licence

witnesses: Richad WILLIAMS and the mark of Thomas NASH

Under resources you will find the Licence etc for Anne NASH - who was aged 27, c 1735


John JONES was a witness at Thomas NASH's marriage in 1768

and as Thomas NASH had a son Richard - this is probably his brother getting married and again John JONES is a witness

21 November 1767, Newland, Richard Nash, Elizabeth MORSE, witnesses: Richard Williams & John JONES



Rich(ar)d and Elz NASH - living in Coleford, had a daughter Eleanor NASH, christened at Newland 16 July 1776


There is a Elinor NASH of Clearwell, buried at Newland, 7 May 1756 (family names???)

Thomas NASH burial says he was living in Clearwell

More work needs to be done!

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