Lewis Flower Trigg (1881-1937) (General)

by Tony Trigg @, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, Thursday, June 21, 2018, 10:10 (391 days ago)

I'm searching this branch of my tree and was wondering if anyone else had sorted out this conundrum ?

Lewis married Edith Jane Jones of Ross in 1904. According to the 1911 census and death index she was born 1881/82, but on the 1939 census it says 1889.

Also, looking for children born to Trigg/Jones in the area at that time there were 13.This must cover 2 families as Edith & Doris could to have been born 3 months apart.
Francis, Phillis, Enid, Nora & Freda are definitely theirs.

Can anyone confirm which are their children please ?

1906 Francis Edward Trigg
1908 Phyllis Olive Irene Trigg
1910 Enid Catherine Trigg
1913 Edith May Trigg
1913 Doris Ivy Trigg
1915 Eric Wilfred Trigg
1916 Hilda Florence Trigg
1917 Nora Rose Constance Trigg
1918 Frank Trigg
1919 Margaret Edith M Trigg
1920 Ada Evelyn Trigg
1921 Eileen Trigg
1923 Freda Joan Trigg

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