Tracing my Grandfather Henry Thomas Williams of Ross On Wye (General)

by Bootroom, Thursday, August 09, 2018, 11:37 (604 days ago)

Hi Anyone can help me I would be grateful !

I have very scant information regarding my paternal grandfather except that he was born unknown location in 18/4/1894, in WW1 he was in the RND, and was based at Crystal Palace from 1916. I have his Naval Sea Service Record when he signed up,1914, listing his next of kin as his Mother, Esther Williams, and the address of Oxford Cottage, Greytree, Ross On Wye Herefordshire, but I cannot locate that, any further link to Esther or whether he was an only child, who his Father was etc.

All I have is one photo of him, presumably 1914 -1918 in his Naval Uniform. He was a Bugler and AB Seaman

I have been looking to get back further to trace if I have any living relatives in that region.

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