1895 Rita Mabel Manns & 1895 Henry Grainger (General)

by shepway @, Tuesday, October 30, 2018, 17:34 (620 days ago) @ Ladies

There is a Funeral Report for Henry Grainger of 10 Clare Street, Gloucester in the Gloucester Citizen on 16 April 1924. This states that Henry died in Gloucester Royal Hospital. Among the principal mourners were:
Mrs H Grainger (widow)
Mr & Mrs H Grainger (father & mother)
Mrs J McRea, Mrs D Tea, Mrs W Johnson, Miss Bessie Grainger, Miss Ada Grainger, Miss Emma Grainger and Miss Florrie Grainger (sisters)
Mr Joe Grainger (brother)
Mr & Mrs W Worrall (father in law and mother in law)

This would appear to confirm that the death recorded in 1924 is not Henry who married Rita Manns.


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