William Hitchins Tailor of Gloucester (General)

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Had a very quick look this morning and in previous reply gave the death of Humphrey in 1711 - and also on the Bond states his occupation was an Ironmonger.


? whether this belongs to the same family

There is on Ancestry and Inventory for Humphrey HUTCHINS - dated 1714 - (late of the City of Gloucester) and in this case, Humphrey's occupation is a FISHMONGER - Signed at the end by Thomas HUTCHINGS

The Will on Ancestry of Humphey (spelt as written) HUTCHINGS, - went to Chancery 14 April 1735 - but his Will was written - September 1713 and mentions his wife, Elizabeth and son Thomas.




Marriage Allegations for Humphrey HUTCHINS, of City of Gloucester, fishmonger, and Elizabeth POACH of Upton St Leonard
aged 27 - 31 January 1713

Witnesses: Walter POACH of Upton St Leonards

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